The Renpower Group

What we do

RENpower's mission is to develop and implement solar projects for our customers with optimal procedures combined into a “one-stop shop“. Each and every step is taken in-house to secure quality as well as control costs in project planning, development and realisation. We ensure project quality and monitor and control prices so our customers attain their goal of completed and profitable projects swiftly in a single, straightforward and low-risk procedure.

We are specialised in both rooftop projects and ground-mounted, greenfields solar projects.

Our customers choose between a wide variety of flexible options:

  • Own your own solar plant
  • Rent out your roof or property for a RENpower solar power installation.
  • Use the electricity yourself in your own home or business
  • Feed the electricity into the electricity transmission network

We step in at any stage, wherever you need us:

  • We are specialists in Project Development, right from the beginning in identifying the project and preliminary design.
  • We assist and advise in project selection and, with the help of our proprietary software, perform a detailed evaluation of the underlying roof structure or ground site chosen for the solar project.



Based on this work, we provide you with a Solar Resource Assessment and your Rooftop Passport.

We then take your project through to completion, with Final Design, Construction & Supervision.

We organise Financing, only charging a fee if you decide not to award us with the contract.

And when your solar plant is delivering electricity: if you wish, you can call on us for Operation & Maintenance, including condition monitoring and service.

After all, who knows your plant better than we do?

If you already have an operating solar plant, you can call on us any time to look after it.

Our broad experience, proven track record and motivation ideally qualifies us to provide you with a premium Service & Maintenance package.