Stellenbosch University hosts 4th Southern African Solar Energy Conference

The conference will focus on both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy technology, systems and applications, and researchers, engineers, technologists and individuals are encouraged to participate to share and discuss recent developments in the field.

The first keynote speaker will be Carsten Agert, Professor for Energy Technology at the University of Oldenburg, where he is head of the EWE Research Centre NEXT ENERGY. His speech is titled “Towards fluctuating distributed generation: A system perspective.“

He will be followed by Dr Werner Platzer talking on solar thermal technology. Platzer has been working for over 30 years in R&D of solar thermal energy, facade technology and energy efficiency in buildings and is currently involved in  implementation of the Fraunhofer Center for Solar Technology in Santiago de Chile, as well as in standardization work for concentrated solarthermal power and assessment of different solar process heat systems.

The third keynote speech will focus on concentrating solar power and be given by Dr Dave Renné, president of the International Solar Energy Society since 2010  and Operating Agent of the International Energy Agency solar heating and cooling programme Task 46, titled "Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting".

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